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TLT Level 2 - 2020

Level Details

Pathfinders will register onto the Pathfinder Guide program which is the final stage of the pathfinder program. They will have the opportunity to assist with the resources and teaching aspects of the curriculum including recruiting club staff, through the Teaching Operation. The Outreach Operation will allow the TLT’s to engage in evangelism and outreach planning.

Start date:
Sun 20 October, 2019
End Date:
Wed 30 September, 2020
Enrolment Deadline:
Sun 15 December, 2019 - The deadline for enrolling has now passed.

Level not open for enrolment. Back


Age Requirement

The TLT must be in at least the year 11.

Pathfinder course pre-requisite

Complete the TLT Program Level 1


Submit three recommendations

Application form

Submit an application


Be approved by the sponsoring Pathfinder club director


Registered with the conference Pathfinder director


Make payment for the programme level


Complete a Club Orientation Program covering:
  • Pathfinder objectives and purpose
  • Investiture Achievement
  • Program format
  • Basic club policies including: finances, attendance, enrollment, etc.
  • Leadership style/chain of command
  • Discipline techniques and procedures
  • Club goals
  • Communication channels
  • Expectations

Teaching Operations- Instructional Planning

  1. Assist in planning and carrying out Investiture Achievement instruction for the year or assigned time period.
  2. Assist in planning and carrying out Honor selection for instruction, including integration of honors required by Investiture Achievement.
  3. Coordinate with other operations in making sure that Investiture Achievement requirements are cared for in the most appropriate fashion possible.

Teaching Operations- Logistics

  1. Assist with procurement of supplies and equipment. Provide substitute or teaching assistance.
  2. Assist with set up of the teaching area, distribution of supplies and equipment. Provide clean-up and storage of leftover supplies and equipment following the instruction.
  3. Develop an Honor, piloting the honor, and submitting it for approval to the NAD Honors Committee.

Teaching Operations- Recruitment

  1. Assist in recruitment of Investiture Achievement instructors and Honor instructors.
  2. Assist in providing teaching requirements and resources to instructors along with information about the setting for teaching, time frame of instruction, and how many students to plan for.
  3. Develop a follow up plan with instructors after teaching is completed. Send thank you notes and ask for feedback. Coordinate with the TLT assigned to Records Operations to make sure all expenses have been reimbursed to the instructor.

Teaching Operations- Teaching

  1. Assist in teaching an Investiture Achievement requirement to Pathfinders as specified by the Guide or Master Guide requirements.
  2. Assist in teaching an Honor to Pathfinders as specified by the Guide or Master Guide requirements.
  3. Develop lesson plans that are relevant to the learning styles of your Pathfinders. Prepare handouts as necessary for the workshops that you teach. Submit your lesson plans to the club staff to be used by other instructors in the future.

Teaching Operations- Expectations

  1. Meet deadlines
  2. Work together without prodding
  3. Communicate effectively
  4. Exhibit a Christian spirit

Outreach Operations- Outreach Plannings

  1. Assist in planning at least two events including one of the following, but not limited to:
    1. Can Collecting
    2. Community Service
    3. Outreach Dinners
    4. Pathfinder Sabbath
    5. Vacation Bible School
    6. Evangelism
    7. Other
  2. Coordinate with Administrative, and Teaching Operations to have programming for the event.
  3. Assist in planning and be ready to carry through alternative plans should the program have to be changed for any reason. (i.e. rain, snow, cancellation, etc.)

Outreach Operations- Logistics

  1. Assist in developing a packing list, preparing and packing all materials and necessary equipment, and unpacking, accounting for, and repairing all equipment upon return from an event.
  2. Assist with developing a menu and food supplies list for the event as needed.
  3. Coordinate with the TLTs assigned to Administrative and Activities Operations to confirm adequate and proper safety is arranged for both on-site and off-site activities as needed.

Outreach Operations- Communications

  1. Assist in promoting the event by preparing, posting, and mailing all necessary promotional materials.
  2. Assist in preparing, distributing and posting information at the event such as programs or bulletins, menus, staff assignments, and activities.
  3. Develop a report about the event by writing/blogging the details quoting people’s experiences and including pictures of what happened. Share your report with your club, your church, your Area Coordinator, and your Conference leaders.

Outreach Operations- Share Your Faith

  1. Develop and practice the skill of speaking and reading clearly in front of a large group. Practice voice projection, annunciation of words, clarity of thought (i.e. announcements, scripture reading, public speaking or preaching, storytelling, …)
  2. Develop and practice the skill of praying in public. Learn different styles and types of prayers (i.e. private prayer, meal prayers, intercessory prayer, congregational prayer invocation prayer, benediction …)
  3. Develop your personal testimony into a three minute short story. Share it with your friends, your family, and your staff.

Outreach Operations- Expectations

  1. Meet deadlines
  2. Work together without prodding
  3. Communicate effectively
  4. Exhibit a Christian spirit