Teen Leadership Training

South England Conference

TLT Levels

TLT Level 1 - 2022

Pathfinders will register onto the Pathfinder Voyager program to work in conjunction with the Administrative & Activities Operations throughout the year. At this introductory level of the program, Pathfinders will gain insight behind the scenes of the relevant administrative skills required for general club planning. This will include a wide range of club activities that are required to meet the needs of each pathfinder, mentally spiritually, socially, physically and emotionally.
Starts: 09/01/2022 | Ends: 26/10/2022
49 enrolled

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TLT Level 2 - 2022

Pathfinders will register onto the Pathfinder Guide program which is the final stage of the pathfinder program. They will have the opportunity to assist with the resources and teaching aspects of the curriculum including recruiting club staff, through the Teaching Operation. The Outreach Operation will allow the TLT’s to engage in evangelism and outreach planning.

Starts: 09/01/2022 | Ends: 26/10/2022
33 enrolled

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TLT Level 3 - 2022

The TLT’s will be privileged to go behind the scenes and learn about what keeps the club turning over. This will be through the finances and how the records are kept. Additionally they will gain deeper insight into the role of the counsellor and the contribution made by them to the benefit of the club.

Starts: 09/01/2022 | Ends: 26/10/2022
16 enrolled

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TLT Level 4 - 2022

This is the opportunity for the TLT to specialise in a specific project associated with Pathfinders, eg event planning, honors etc.... They will also have the opportunity to cover 8 hours of taught sessions from the Masterguide program.

Starts: 09/01/2022 | Ends: 26/10/2022
10 enrolled

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A Little About The TLT Programme

The Teen Leadership Training (TLT) program is designed to train and mentor youth in service and leadership skills. The TLT vision encompasses a core of youth fulfilling meaningful and responsible Pathfinder leadership positions in the Pathfinder Club and Conference/Union Pathfinder ministry, supporting the mission of the SDA Church as they learn to give of themselves and to receive of others. TLT youth will experience acceptance, achievement, and responsibility in developing self-efficacy, self-respect, and identity through adult-teen mentoring in a “shared service experience” in developing a redemptive relationship with God.


To help teens experience their developmental needs by making them feel:

  1. A sense of achievement
  2. A sense of responsibility
  3. A sense of respect for authority
  4. A sense of acceptance in adult leadership circles
  5. A sense of confidence in the development of life skills


  1. Encourage TLT members to belong to the church and to actively participate in the organized leadership of the church/conference Pathfinder ministry.
  2. Involve TLT members as associates with Pathfinder adult leadership, holding responsible positions in local and Conference Pathfinder ministries.
  3. Enable TLT in skill-building opportunities through positive communication and friendship networks created to increase resilience to peer pressure, increase self-efficiency, and increase self-confidence.
  4. Challenge TLT members in the mission and ministry of Christ through Pathfindering, making God’s Word meaningful and fruitful in their lives.